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La Campofilone Company is located in a small medieval village, in the center of Italy, named by CAMPOFILONE, where the tradition of manual manufacture of egg pasta comes from.

Still today, the owner of La Campofilone Company, Mr Enzo Rossi is reproducing the same traditional process to make egg pasta as it was made in the past by the old ladies of the Campofilone village.

Mr Enzo Rossi personally selects only the finest and the best quality ingredients: from the grain, with the highest value of protein, to the eggs, all coming from free hens fed on natural products, from the no-oxidizing flours to the maize, OGM free (without Organisms Genetically Modified).

All these characteristics made La Campofilone Company to obtain the most prestigious Quality DNV Certifications like: the Traceability in the Feed and Food Chain (ISO 22005:2008), the Food Product Quality (Product Certificate), the Food Safety Management (ISO 22000:2005, BRS; IFS).
Also, in 2009 La Campofilone obtained the important GOOD EGG AWARD, from Compassion in World Farming, the Leading International Organisation for farm animal welfare, for using only eggs from hens kept in barn systems.

Each product La Campofilone, from Maccheroncini to Fettuccine, from Tagliatelle to Pappardelle, is a touch of class for any kind of food event.

In this way Enzo Rossi, has been able to create a unique egg pasta, for a memorable and emotional real Italian experience.



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