Handed down from mother to daughter this old handmade production of the egg pasta has become a popular tradition.In 1912 the “la Campofilone” company came to live thanks to Adorna Albanesi who opened a “trattoria” in via XX Settembre. This company produces the pasta with the same love and attention of old times, handing down memories and tradition that otherwise would have long been forgotten. The pasta of “la Campofilone” is a product of high quality, made of simple and natural ingredients: durum wheat semolina and very fresh eggs, without adding any water. The secret of the quality and success of our pasta in Italy and abroad, is not only due to the love for an old tradition, which can be seen in our production, but also in the thin dough, in the slow gradual dessication process, at a temperature slightly higher to the one of the natural sorrounding. The complex production of our products guarantees excellent results in the cooking process, a unique taste, lightness and they are easy to digest.In our productline you will find 12 different sorts of long egg pasta, they come in special flavours, and compliment any kind of recipe.

La Campofilone s.r.l. Località Ficiarà,27  63828 Campofilone (FM) Italy    tel. +39 734 931294 - fax +39 734 937354
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